About Me

Welcome to my personal blog, where. I write about mental health, personal development, ballsy career strategies and life planning. If you are a gutsy millennial woman who is ready to take immediate action and experience the best wins in life, you will be pleased to know that my writing style is relevant and relatable – this blog is for you.

I teach women how to dazzle despite life’s hardships. I often reference personal experiences in my material to prove that you can bounce back from any setbacks. My mission is to help females everywhere see beyond the limits of their circumstances so they can conquer their fears and challenges, by reconnecting with their passion as well as your sense of ‘self’.

My teaching method is different than most educational experiences, I am fun and aim to create an environment where learning is made easy. I believe in an organic mentor-protégé partnership, nothing forced. Here is some additional information about me to help you confidently decide if I’m the right mentor for you:

Street cred!

01 I have life experience

I’m a woman who has survived the trenches. God has saved me from abuse, high school bullying, a 6-year battle with depression and two suicide attempts in 2008. My struggle is a huge part of my story. It is my belief that I am still here because I have a mission to fulfill. It is to serve and protect young adults who are struggling to find beauty in a world of chaos.

02 I'm a contributor at Forbes.com

Through the lens of a millennial mentor who has founded a community platform, I write about the added value of mentorship, the power of the leap-frog theory and how to be the woman world-class performers actually want to mentor.

03 I'm a Media Darling

My success story has been covered by Global News, FLARE, Huffington Post, ESSENCE Magazine, MTV Canada,
and much more. See some of my coverage here. I also contribute regularly to Forbes.com. See my column here.

04 I'm committed

Fun fact. I’ve never tasted alcohol in my entire life. I don’t say it to brag, but more so to make a point that if I put my mind to something, I achieve it. I’m one of the hardest working women you know. I don’t believe in doing anything half-ass and I have developed a solid reputation for consistent excellence.

05 I'm spoken in front of thousands

I’ve been public speaking across North America for nearly six years with a specific focus on empowering millennial women in transition.

My aim is to exceed your expectations. My blog will help you navigate troubled waters through content that is educational, entertaining and inspiring.