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Canadian author, journalist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Pauleanna Reid, has been named a Top Achiever by Passblog. The honor was bestowed for her professional accomplishments and mentoring of young women.

“It’s an honour to be recognized as a Top Achiever so early in the game,” said Reid. “My hope is to be an example to young adults finding their way in this world or living in difficult circumstance and be a living example to them of what can be achieved with a little faith and persistence.”

Passblog recognizes the outstanding abilities, skills, talents and achievements of individuals around the world who have demonstrated leadership and professional innovation. Reid joins an elite group of individuals who are making a difference in the world. From Hollywood producers to founders of charitable organizations, all of the honorees have chosen to assist others in their own unique way.

Reid was a victim of bullying as a teen and she’s also a survivor. The bulling and intimidation was so vicious, she was on the brink of suicide to end the pain and depression. It took time, but with professional help, Reid developed the confidence to follow her dreams of becoming a writer and entrepreneur. Her novel, “Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother”, is a coming of age story that will be released in the spring of 2014.

At 26 years old, Reid is a powerful storyteller who uses her talents to encourage others to see beyond the limitations they face. She makes numerous personal appearances on multiple media platforms and writes news reports for the National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and Vancouver Sun. Her pieces reach hundreds of thousands of readers, featuring interviews with celebrities and professionals in fields ranging from health to finance.

She’s also raising awareness about mental health. She began working with MTV Canada’s Impact and Bell Media’s Mental Health initiative, Let’s Talk Campaign, in 2013. Her goal is to educate others about depression, spread the message that they don’t have to suffer in silence like she did, and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

As an entrepreneur, Reid co-founded the image consulting firm of La’Brown Styles in 2007. She stepped down as the firm’s CEO and primary consultant to strike out on her own as a wardrobe stylist and image consultant. Reid is also the founder of New Girl On The Block, a mentorship program for women ages 25-32. She provides participants with the tools and resources to value themselves and be successful in their chosen endeavors.

The recognition by Passblog pays homage to Reid’s accomplishments as an author, journalist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. It honors Reid as a powerful and empowered woman who is giving back by shining a light on important social issues and providing inspiration for others on how to overcome the obstacles in their life to be confident and successful.

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About Pauleanna Reid

As founder of New Girl On The Block Inc. Pauleanna uses a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions and media appearances (Rogers Television, MTV Canada, Global Television), to positively influence and challenge youth and young professionals to pursue their dreams and live a life they love. Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story-telling encourages this generation not only to face their challenges but also to conquer them.


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