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TORONTO, ON -Ursula Franklin Academy invited author, motivational speaker and mentor Pauleanna Reid to be a keynote speaker. Pauleanna spoke on a topic that is near and dear to her, which is mental illness. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association “The total number of 12-19 year olds in Canada at risk for developing depression is a staggering 3.2 million”. Pauleanna not only shared her story but also lent words of encouragement that left each audience member inspired, knowing that they had a purpose in this world and to speak up when going through any difficulties.

“When someone would ask me how I was doing I would use my favorite f word, “I’m fine”. Instead of sharing our experiences, many youth and young adults hide behind carefully crafted social media updates, dropping f bombs and pretending everything is great while suffering in silence,” says Reid. “Everyone is born with a purpose, some people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose without even realizing that we already possess the tools we need to reach maximum fulfillment”.

The toughest years of Reid’s life were in her early 20s, but her speech begins with the challenges she faced in high school. Beginning her story in high school helped Reid to connect with the audience and show how important it is to seek help early. Mental health is a serious issue that should be dealt with immediately. A part of preventing mental health is finding your purpose, Reid points out that if you’re not happy with your life it can lead to feelings of lack of fulfillment, depression, anxiety and suicide all which she had experienced.

Watch the video footage here.

About Ursula Franklin Academy
Ursula Franklin Academy is a high school with a mandate for students to be prepared for the future and change the world. They accomplish their mandate by implementing a program of values. Community of learners, high expectations, diversity, self-esteem, democracy, community service, and connected knowledge. This is what makes UFA unique and a success.

About Pauleanna Reid
Pauleanna Reid is a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help young adults see beyond the limits of their circumstances and create a life they love. She is a Nationally Published Journalist, Motivational Speaker, Author of the novel Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother and Co-Founder of New Girl On The Block Enterprises.

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