Link Love: Vicky Logan Be Killin’ Me w/ Her Dating & Friendzone Advice

| December 2, 2016

Vicky is my bestie in my head. This is one of my favorite videos that I like to pull up when I’m feeling annoyed with my dating life. These days I’m feeling stuck in the gray. Some days I desire a relationship and other days I’m totally over men. It’s times like these when I turn up the volume, listen to one of my girlfriends and soak in some wisdom. It always helps me get refocused and back on track when I get distracted. The big lesson here: Standards.

On taking the time to study your partner…
Girlfriend. Stop while you’re ahead. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype, swept off your feet and feel like you’re floating on a cloud. I get it, in the beginning, it’s sexy, there is incredible chemistry and all you want to do is spend every minute with him. But Vicky gives you and I both a hard reality check. One of my favorite books is called 1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married. My (ex) fiancee and I read a few pages a night and it helped us bring up some hot-button topics. “Invest the time to learn how someone else thinks.”

On becoming friends first… 
“I just wanna know… where’s the friendship at?” Vicky kills me lmao. Note taken. She was friends with her husband for 1-year prior to dating, building a strong foundation that could withstand any future challenges during the next phase. “It’s not like you just meet some dude and he’s only required to talk to you.”

Keep your options open… 
We definitely share the same thought: You are single until you are married. Now, this doesn’t mean that you gotta be out here pimpin’ – it means you should navigate these waters with an open mind. You don’t have to have your eggs in one basket. Girl you have options. This reminder came right on time. I don’t know why I ever sweat over one guy when there are a billion others to choose from. I’m hella smart and hella bomb. The guy I’m seeing is giving me so many problems and I literally just had an aha moment – time to let him go. “Every dude that tried to approach me with nothing on the table but you’re cute, bye. No. I’m not talking to you.”

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