I could state the obvious but there’s no need. We all know how we feel inside when we take a glance over at Russell Wilson. Tall, athletic and handsome, it’s no secret that this man is not just fine, but dayum fine. But let’s place all external factors aside for just a moment because I don’t want you getting distracted. Until now, I didn’t know much about Russell other than the obvious, but after watching his talk at The Rock church, I have a new respect for him. In the video clip above, Russell publicly declares his love Ciara and speaks on his obedience to God’s request. Because I’m a straight up nerd and addicted to learning, I took notes.

On finding the one
1. There’s a [wo]man in this world whom God has designed specially for you.
2. Trust the process.

On trusting God
3. No matter the circumstance, no matter the heartache, trust that God will heal your wounds.
4. Listen to God when he speaks and don’t ignore his message.
5. There’s no better timing than God’s timing.

On celibacy
6. Be honest with your partner about your values.
7. If you can really love someone without sex, you know the bond is solid.

On honoring God
8. Don’t honor God when it’s convenient, honor him in all areas of your life.
9. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your path.

Seriously, this was definitely a sign for me to hit the chill button. As I approach age 30, I’ve been getting a anxious. I desire a family and a life partner (and a great career too!). When God brings that special man into my life worthy of my time, attention and love, please trust and believe I will be ready. But right now, the plan is to focus on me and wait for my king.

Peace & Love,