Rakia Reynolds is pretty dope. Actually, true story, she is one of my mentors. A few years ago, we both were panelists at a Women’s summit in Washington, DC and instantly connected. I recognized how awesome she was right away and made it a priority to stay in touch. Super kind, super fly and one heck of a business woman, Rakia is the President and CEO of Skai Blue Media. She has turned many fails into wins. The above clip was taken at New York University and because I’m a straight up nerd and addicted to learning, I took notes.

On her humble beginnings
1. Was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the age of 9.
2. Started her career in television with a comfy 401K, benefits – at the time thought she had a promising future.
3. When she was at her most comfortable is when she hit an unexpected rock bottom.

On turning fails into wins
4. Fail often. Fail forward. Get the lesson and move on. 

On entrepreneurship
5. Entrepreneurship is like jumping off of a cliff. You don’t know where you’re going to land.
6. She started her company brick my brick – self made and with her own funding.
7. Take assessment of your gifts. They will always come in handy during time of need.
8. Have your damn paperwork (contracts) in order. You leave yourself open to be taken advantage of if you do not.
9. Even your business partner can screw you over. Be selective with whom you trust.

On her business principles
10 . Always be your authentic self. No body cares who you aspire to be or the people you admire. They want you. Don’t be embarrassed. Failing is a great thing. Be honest with people about how you failed and why you failed.
11. Surround yourself with people who believe in your purpose, plan and your proposition.
12. Be careful who you vent to. Nobody really gives a shit. Running your mouth will get you into trouble.
13. People want more of you when there is less access to you.  They want to work with a commodity.

Can’t knock the hustle! She keeps it all the way real.

Peace & Love,