I love this series. For the last few nights, I’ve been watching these conversations and becoming really inspired. I think it’s so important to open up and be vulnerable. For some it’s easier than others, but no matter how long it takes – we should try. This has forced me to think about my own life and how I interact with the ones closest to me.

Nick & Kelsey, 2 strangers on a blind date who might’ve never had the chance to meet each other, playfully break through first impressions and unravel each other’s insecurities

Keisha & Andrew, recently married and tenants of a new home, return to {THE AND} to discuss how money plays a role in their budding marriage. Andrew lets Keisha know how he feels about her spending big money without consulting him, and Keisha has a thing or two to say about no longer being the primary breadwinner in the family

Jennifer & Omar return to {THE AND} to talk about their life as newlyweds. After a particularly exciting wedding, Jennifer wonders if the ‘spark’ is still there, and Omar still holds a grudge about their first date

Marcela & Rock, married for 8 years, return for a second round of unapologetic honesty. This time they unpack shocking memories from their time as a couple, from Rock’s changed demeanor since his assault to Marcela’s view on intimacy and sex

Mia & Khalil, a father and daughter separated for years by the federal prison system, discuss the hardship that has defined their relationship. 9 year old Mia bravely opens up about what it meant that her father was incarcerated, and Khalil, now a criminal justice reform activist at JustLeadershipUSA, can only admire how strong his daughter has become.

Lynette & Corey, an engaged couple, get very honest about sexuality, faith and jealousy.

Kourtney and Leonard are exes. They came together to talk about how infidelity impacted their relationship. See the video that sparked a viral Twitter trend, #HurtBae.