I have been working in Corporate Canada for nearly a decade. Six of those years, I’ve also been a business owner and this has afforded me additional income. I feel very strongly about women putting themselves in positions to win. Learn how to make money outside of your 9-5 because although your job may determine your salary YOU can decide your income.

Throughout the last decade, there were a few times I was laid off and yes, in the moment it hurt and I was sad, but most often than not, I had the ability to bend and not break because I figured out a way to stay in control. Listen to me, now more than ever, it is easy to increase your cash flow. I recently wrote about it in this post, Forbes also provides a list of ideas and so does this incredible writer, Lauren Holliday on Medium. There is no shortage of what you can do. So why do so many people leave money on the table?

To be honest, I don’t have the secret to becoming rich, nor do I want to give you the impression that I chase money. Actually, the fact is, I chase my dreams. I’ve always believed that if you focus on your passion and master it, all of the pleasures that come along with having a successful business will naturally follow. This space is where you become rich in experience, health, love, and life. Because baby, when shit hits the fan and your comfortable corporate job gives you the boot, or your loving partner turns into a monster (I do not wish this on no one btw but let’s keep it real) – ok let’s keep it lighter. Maybe you want to help your parents retire faster, go on a dream vacation, aggressively pay down your debt – all of this requires money. According to the Financial Post, nearly half of Canadians live paycheck to paycheck. Girl, you don’t need to be a part of that half.

“My mom stayed with my dad for too long because of financial reasons. If she’d just had a little side hustle, a little of her own money, she would have left. So I encourage women to have what I call ‘F.U.’ money.”– Tyra Banks

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all and then getting it. Personally, I have felt empowered saying (or thinking) F.U. to my boss, my job, my landlord, hey, even my partner. And I could only do that because I put myself in a position to win. Turning your passions into profits is not easy, but your attitude is what will make a huge difference in your ROI.

Still, not sure about next steps? Use this guide to help you. Better yet, find out how I made over 40k from my side hustle.

Peace & Love,