Despite the press’ critical reception, Forbes recently reported that the On The Run tour is the second most successful tour ever. (In case you care, U2 – 360 currently holds the first place spot) It’s no surprise that Beyonce and Jay-Z have reached another personal best. Say what you want about them but one fact that cannot be argued is their killer work ethic. It simply cannot be matched and the proof is in the multiple awards and records they both hold. The couple never ceases to amaze me – from the online promotion to the wardrobe choices to the creative stage direction to the impressive 21 shows, 17 cities, 43 song set list all the way to the finale -  Flawless.

Last year I went to see Solange in concert and ever since then I’ve been addicted to investing in people, places and things who bring beauty into my life (She is amazing btw – If you have not yet seen her live, I suggest you do). Art is something that everyone needs– Michael Hyatt explains it best in his latest post Why You Need More Art In Your Life and 5 Ways To Get It, he says “If you want to really find joy, make space in your life to create things of beauty.”

Beyonce is one of many people who does that for me. Watching her DVD specials, concerts and behind-the-scenes clips inspire me to create my best work. There are many qualities I admire about her and simply watching her growth over the last decade has had a great impact on my life. She not only entertains me but in a lot of ways she has mentored me even if she doesn’t know I exist. For years I have taken note of her hustle. I’ve learned to always ask for what I want, develop a golden gut, set boundaries, how to be a boss and much much more.

There were many takeaways from this epic tour experience, but only a few stood out to me the most. Here is my list of powerful lessons that can be applied to all of our lives.

1. The power of someone believing in you – that you CAN do it – can mentally and physically change your game.

I have probably watched this clip of the tour finale more than a dozen times and each time I can’t help but get emotional. This was the most meaningful moment for me; the last 7 minutes of the show. The glossy look in Beyonce’s eyes, the soft kiss Jay-Z plants on her forehead during Halo as they watch precious images of Blue on the screen above. Nothing else mattered but the people she loved the most. When those around you are inspired, they will inspire you. Haters will always linger in the shadows, but if you look into the light and the blessings you have in your life, that is more than enough to keep you going when some days you want to throw in the towel.

In my personal experience, this lesson has always stood true. There are no squares in my circle. My crew, friends, family and mentors fully believe in me and my dreams. It is a special feeling because at a point in my life no one did; no one really cared. But if you are lucky enough to have a support system, don’t take it for granted. They may be the very thing you need to help you get to the next level of success.

2. Thank every person who has ever told you that you can’t achieve your dreams.
They say, “In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities,” which perfectly describes Beyonce’s approach to her career and her relationship. The rumors will always continue to circulate across the world and most recently have only gotten worse. Pretty much no one believed she carried her own child and the elevator fight will probably go down in history as one of the biggest mysteries that no one can puzzle together. I mean I love Bey but that shit was crazy yo’. Anyway, they have all moved passed these incidents with style and grace. Even when life is dark and grey, Beyonce always kills people with kindness and never allows them to see her sweat. George Herbert said it best, “Living well is the best revenge.”

Beyonce seems to have it all together on the outside but I’m sure she can relate to us all when I say that there are days when you are so stressed, sad and frustrated that you want to isolate yourself and close off from the rest of the world. I know the feeling all too well. That was pretty much my entire teens and early twenties. But looking back, I can see how my underdog past was the key to my successful present. My childhood bullies and critics really helped me more than they hurt me.

3. Love is unexplainable.
We may not always understand it, we may not ever know if what they have is real, but it’s none of our business. Too often we judge others when we know very little information. We spend all our time talking ish about someone who clearly doesn’t give a shit or even has the time to care about our opinions. Beyonce and Jay-Z are living their life so I will never quite understand why people waste their breath.

Their love has taught me how to handle subtle stabs, hurtful remarks and negative criticism. It’s always better to choose peace over conflict and practice forgiveness. Over time dealing with criticism becomes overwhelming and you may accumulate baggage. Don’t carry around it around with you. Drop the dead weight because it will hold you down. You are too blessed to be stressed. Forgive and focus on the next positive step.

4. It’s all in the details.

Yeah, I know. I strayed off course a little bit. But it’s my blog – live with it! The above video clip is not from the On The Run tour but it is one of my faves because it’s a great way to show the amount of preparation necessary to pull off a flawless show. The On The Run HBO Special is also a great example. The main point I’m making is if you’re going to put in work, girl you betta put in #werrrrrrrrrrrk. Whether you’re a YouTube Personality, Blogger, Entertainer or a Business Executive – bring your f’n A-game because people have very little respect for lazy habits. You gotta bring everything you have to the table every single day. Don’t give people any reason to doubt you.

5. It’s not enough to have potential, you have to know what to do with it.
Girl, I was the kid who was bullied; the underdog no one believed in; the college drop out everyone forgot about. But this ordinary chic has done some pretty extraordinary things. I’m not afraid to say it. I worked very hard to get to where I am today. Every one is born with potential, yet some people spend their entire lives searching for it without even realizing that we already possess the tools we need to reach maximum fulfillment.

You possess far more potential than you even realize. You already have the tools. You already know the answers. You are already capable of making your dreams come alive. Tap into that awesomeness and create an action plan. Things may not always turn out as you had hoped, but the most important thing is to keep moving forward. Slow motion is better than no motion.

Peace & Love,