Talking Shame + Stock Culture with Lorna Dueck

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The feeling never escapes me. I’ve been in this same scenario many times before yet the nervousness always feels like the first time. But sitting down with my dear friend Lorna Dueck helped me push through this difficult conversation around my past and how I recovered from feeling ashamed and embarrassed of my choices. I never regret standing in my truth. As hard as it is to discuss, I find peace in sharing.

Years ago I made the decision to take off my mask. I started using my story to teach others that there is life after disappointment. I’ve never felt more alive and more grateful. Through the twists and turns I’ve realized that sometimes things have to fall apart to direct you and correct you over time.

Thank you to the Context team for being such a gracious host.


Context with Lorna Dueck is a weekly, half-hour, independently-produced television program. Our mission is to create boundary breaking media that reveals Christ. We explore news and current affairs stories from a Christian world view by looking into the stories and issues that matter to you.  Journalist and host Lorna Dueck and the Context team deliver media that explores peoples’ experience of God in the topical happenings of our day.

Visit the website for a list of show times and stations in your area. If you’re from Toronto, like myself you can catch this awesome show on Sundays at 9:30am.

Peace & Love,

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