credit: Fortune Mag

credit: Fortune Mag

All kinds of #blackgirlmagic

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for #badassboz. It’s hard not to notice this woman with a killer combination of beauty and brains. Just about every other day, another article, interview, video or podcast scrolls down my timeline and I’ll admit at first I wasn’t paying attention but her chat with Gail King about her new role at Uber, being fearless and embracing change made me turn my head.

Gayle King’s CBS This Morning interview of Bozoma Saint John from Bozoma Saint John on Vimeo.

Here’s what we know about her (from the recent press):

“Saint John’s new role as chief brand officer for Uber makes her a unicorn in Silicon Valley: She’s one of the very few black female C-suite executives in tech.” – via Glamour

“I worked with Beyoncé five times on five different projects in 10 years with Pepsi. I feel this parallel to her because she was coming into her own and so was I. At each juncture, there was more and more and more confidence in both of us — stepping into your own as a woman, being able to express yourself fully realized with your power.” – Cosmopolitan

“In 2013, she orchestrated the halftime show Pepsi sponsored at the Super Bowl featuring Beyoncé. Four months later, her husband’s illness was diagnosed. Their daughter had just turned 4.” – New York Times

“I am passionate and I love excitement and building things, and personally I think Uber is one of the most exciting companies in the world right now because of its extreme growth and what has happened in such a short amount of time. I don’t think it will be a surprise to anybody that I consider myself a change agent. I love new challenges and the fact that I have the opportunity to create and craft and execute a brand vision — that’s incredible. There aren’t many chances to do that, so to me this is irresistible — it’s really a great opportunity to join a team that is looking for help in changing and building a brand.” – Variety 

“When she was recently honored by the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation at their annual Art For Life gala, Boz told a story about how, years back, she had actually snuck in to the exclusive and star-studded event. After all, she knew she wanted to be in the same place as those invited to the event — so she found her way in. While she doesn’t quite recommend party crashing, she does advise that you have to be confident and get yourself into rooms while, as she puts it, “you’re young and dumb enough to think no one will turn you away.” That means, working hard, making connections, and saying yes to as many interesting offers as you receive.” – Teen Vogue

I speak with millennials daily. It’s my life’s work to understand how they think and why they make the choices they do. I often hear that they are unhappy in their corporate career and are one foot out the door. Entrepreneurship is sexy and trendy. Some people think that it’s the answer to all their problems.

It’s not.

Sometimes it’s about who you know and the way you carry yourself. Other times it means taking a much-needed career transition and or re-evaluating your contributions at work. Take note of how you can do more and step it up. Everyone is not cut out for entrepreneurship and although I think Bozoma would be one hell of a business owner, this is a woman who loves the challenges of the corporate ladder and does it without complaining. She is good at what she does and brings all of that fabulosity to work every single day.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a deep dive and submerging myself into her personal brand. I really love the way Bozoma thinks and I’m so curious about how she plans on saving Uber. I don’t doubt that she will it’s just a matter of when. Her footprint reminds me so much of what I strive to achieve for myself.

Keyword, footprint.

Out of the lessons, I have picked up along the way while learning about her journey, two words come to mind: Be remarkable. Your reputation is all you have and is also what will carry you to the next level, help you break through the glass and start powerful conversations that will shift your industry. I’m dreaming in full color and bringing my full self to every single thing I do. Like Myleik Teele says, “The secret is to just be GREAT… life tends to respond to how well you treat yourself.”

Peace & Love,