This Christmas Season I’m Not Giving Any Presents, I’m Committed To #Givepresence

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This video clip could not have come at a better time. It’s been a very long weekend. Not only do I have the flu and a sore throat but I put in 12 hour days working on projects and strategically planning what my awesome 2015 will look like. I’m addicted to achievements. I’m addicted to the high I get when I kick fear in the ass. But my addiction has become unhealthy because not only is my body aching but my brain is tired.

Tired of being on overdrive.

Tired of always rearranging and scheming and preparing for this and planning for that.

Tired of trying to be two steps ahead.

Tired of living up to the expectations of perfection.

I’m over it.

There has to be more to life than always hustlin’. Do not get me wrong, I am very grateful. I love my life, the people in it and where my career is headed, but do you ever wish you could just stop the world around you and just be? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you just want to scream? or feel the desire to just break the rules, walk away from your desk and enjoy a movie? or drive across town to see your bestie or stand at the top of a mountain and just friggin inhale, exhale and breathe.


I watched this video 3 times and I will watch it until I finally get the point. I am so thankful for this reminder that has highlighted one of my biggest faults. In the hustle and bustle of trying to be a superwoman and trying to work towards this dream life for myself and my family, it seems as if I have completely misguided myself to believe that achievements, success and financial security are more important than smiles, holding hands, eye gazing, hugging, conversation and other forms of intimacy. My friend recently posted on Instgram a quote that I fell in love with

Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply you feel like you can see into their soul.”

Moving forward I’m going to take a different approach to gift giving because the most important act of love you can give someone is your time. My time has been so filled up with meetings, business dinners, speech preparation and things that can be placed aside if only for a moment. All my life I’ve been trying to find my balance. The good thing about encountering a problem is that you have the opportunity to fix it.

Here’s a challenge for both of us.

1. Write down 5 people you love on a sheet of paper.

2. Write down what they are most passionate about.

3. Brainstorm how you can bring joy and excitement into their lives through an act of love.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 on a regular basis.

This act of love cannot be material. Try to think of an experience you can create for each person that will be both memorable and selfless.

I am committed to practicing this exercise and giving the best parts of me to those who are open to receiving it. It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

“What if you set aside your distractions and got connected to the ones you love? This time of year is not just about giving presents—it’s about giving presence. It’s about family. It’s about friendship. It’s about connection.” - Listen in. Open up. Connect. #givepresence.

The lesson for today is that the pursuit of happiness is about finding meaning, not achievements or things because in a moment it could all be taken away but what we will have left is beautiful memories.

Peace & Love,


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