National Book Lovers Day recently passed and I think it’s only fitting that I talk about the elephant in the room.

I probably get asked, “When are you going to write your next book?” at least a few times weekly. Instead of replying with something profound, I awkwardly nod my head and grin. When I released my book in 2014, I was happy, but exhausted. It took me four years to write and it’s a body of work that I am extremely proud of. But once the applause faded and the hype went away I replayed so many voices in my head.

The pressure to keep up is hard.

But I’ve been trying to stay in my lane and stay focused on what I want. Nearly 4 years later I think I’m ready to produce a new book project. Finally, eh? Listen, I had to take my time, live life and get inspired again. I pour into so many people, so many things that I often feel drained. And if I listened to other people and rushed something just because THEY weren’t patient, then it wouldn’t have been my best work.

I’m happy I waited. 

So, yes. I have something in the works that will drop closer to February. If you’ve been following me on social media, you might have picked up clues along the way.

But I want to talk about how to stand strong without giving into the pressure of what other people think, feel or label on your life. Too often, others try to dictate our next steps based on their own vision. I want to encourage you to speak up for yourself, even if your voice shakes because you will have to live with the consequences, not them.

Bad advice is more common than you think which is why it is so important to ignore it. Social media has given people a platform to say what’s on their mind and how they feel as if they are an expert on subjects they have no business sticking their nose in. What I’ve learned growing up is that you have to be brave enough to listen to your heart. Intuition is very real and something that is never wise to ignore because when you learn to follow your heart, you will always know what is “best” for you.

Peace & Love,