STYLE FILE: Leandra Medine Takes Over New York and Talks About Her Vision Behind “The Man Repeller”

| January 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

The Man Repeller is a blog that I have recently fell in love with. Founder and editor of this brand, Leandra Medine was interviewed by Two For Fashion to discuss where the name “Man Repeller” originated from and what the inspiration behind the concept is. I admire her because of the inspiring message that she sends to women all over the world. Generally, females are encouraged [through media] to dress in ways that will attract the opposite sex and not for themselves which makes it so easy to lose sight of the fact that self love should come first! Medine’s vision has caused much buzz amongst the fashion industry and because of her effortless confidence, this is why she is featured in this week’s Style File.




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