[photos] I Hosted the 2015 Next Generation Leaders Forum At Trent University

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“The world is your stage. Make your mark.”

Those are the words I replay before walking across a platform of any kind. Oddly enough, I still get nervous before I ‘make my mark’. But instead of allowing it to crumble me, I allow it to push me to another level and this past weekend I experienced a new breakthrough moment while speaking at the Next Generation Leaders Forum held at Trent University.

150 delegates
7 countries
1 goal

… which was to compete in a global leaders business challenge, present in front an expert panel and win!

The 5-day even was action packed. We listened and learned life and career skills from insightful speakers like Julian Bolster, Adrienne Batra and Theresa Laurico, danced on table tops (ha! it’s not what you think. See video reference below), did karaoke around a bon fire, ran a tough mudder obstacle course and more… I could tell you all about it, but I rather you see the footage for yourself. Peep below:

The Right-Honorable, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

The Right-Honorable, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada wishes the delegates good luck



Workshop in session: Personal Branding

Workshop in session: Personal Branding


This is not a good-bye, it's a see ya later!

This is not a good-bye, it’s a see ya later!

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