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The new cheques I ordered came in the mail today. I smiled when I opened the package because I knew it meant I could start writing more of them to my financial advisor so we can level up my savings account. I’m turning 30 in November, ain’t no times for games. I’m putting all efforts to be intentional. I’ve already aired out my dirty laundry in my income report and also taught you my money making strategies in my article called how I made 40k from my side hustle in 1 year. I love speaking on this topic because I want people to grow comfortable and confront the elephant in the room.

Time and time again, I’ve used myself as an example to show people that you don’t have to hide behind social media and pretend that you are a big baller. It’s okay to admit you have average credit. It’s okay to admit your savings account isn’t where it needs to be. Raising your hand means you are keeping it all-the-way-real with yourself and are willing to ask for help. btw when I say admit, I don’t mean via social like I have. This can mean having a simple discussion within your peer group or with a trusted adult or finance professional.

I love talking and reading about money (Or how Cardi B would say it Schmoney!)  because it also helps me build a healthy relationship with it. If you never understand money, you will always be a slave to it and if you never learn to manage it, making more will not help either. Some of my fave money books are listed below:

Some of my fave money books are listed below: 

  • May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup
  • Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson

My admiration for money doesn’t come from a place of greed but rather a place of empowerment and freedom because I love the idea of what you can do with it and how it can create opportunities for the community and my family.

I’m not perfect, nor is my bank account but I do what I can to maintain a money positive mindset. Here are some simple strategies you can use too! 

1. Don’t compare yourself (or earnings) to others
Bruh, do not watch social media and think to yourself “I want that too” because it is likely that the person you admire doesn’t own it or live it in real life. Your lane is yours and yours alone. Treat your finances as an individual case because you don’t know what goes on behind (anyone else’s) closed doors.

2. Set a goal, no matter the size
During my early 20s when I was barely bringing in any money, I saved as little as 20 dollars monthly. To you it sounds like nothing, but to me it was everything. The goal was to buy a property down the road (at 20/monthly yeah right!) and I was going to do it at my own pace with what I could afford at the time. When I could raise the bar, I did and started saving 50 dollars a month then 100 and then once I hit a comfortable salary, I started saving 500 dollars a month. The lesson here is to work with what you got and be grateful.

3. Money Mantras
Just like I use affirmations and vision boards to help me get clear on life goals. I often recite money mantras to attract what I need.

A friend recently asked me, “Girl, don’t you ever worry about money?” and I said, “Uh, nope. That would mean I think in lack. I don’t. I try to think in abundance as often as I can.” I also mentioned to her that she should run, far away, from having a broke mentality. Instead of saying “I am broke” (omg I totally hate that b-word) she should try saying “I am temporarily out of funds.”

A little change in how you speak to yourself makes a huge difference.

4. Spend time with world-class performers 
Steve Harvey once said, “If you have 5 broke friends, you will likely be the 6th.” I really do think that is the truth. You can’t ask advice from someone who has never been where you want to be. On the regular, I hang out with people who earn 4x what I do. Like omg please teach me what you know, give me your wisdom, breaaaathe on me. lmao. That reminds me of my aunt in NY when she took me to wall street – well our subway line made a brief stop as we were passing through town and when the doors opened she said, girl breathe all of that shit in. Do you smell that? It’s moneeeeeeeeey. She is too cute.

Today’s lesson: Forgive your past mistakes and start over.

Peace & Love,