Whenever I am stuck in the grey about a major (or tiny) decision, I have one rule that I follow almost every single time. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Through trial and error, I’ve learned how important it is to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s your heart and you’ll know because it’s beating so fast that you can barely breathe or perhaps you begin to break into a cold sweat. Other times it may be your gut feeling and intuition stirring you in a direction that makes no immediate sense to you and then there’s your stomach which houses all your butterflies and creates a nervous feeling every time you do something that is outside your normal.

These are not stop signs girlfriend, they are guidelines. I used to think whenever I felt extremely uncomfortable it was an alert; that my body was setting off the alarms and throwing up red flags (and sometimes this is the case, but not as often as we think). I quickly discovered that the more I ran away from the issue or circumstance the further away I was from actually resolving it. So I started taking baby steps towards making discomfort my new normal. Personal growth is hard. It always feels uncomfortable at first, but soon you’ll learn that the more you invest in yourself the more control you have over your life – and I wanted control.

If you are feeling stuck but don’t do anything about it, the outcome (or lack there off) is 100% your fault. To get rid of this feeling and experience results you’ve never had you’re going to have to do some things you’ve never done before. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable moments like…

  • Dropping out school during my second year in college
  • Reaching out to mentors, sponsors
  • Sharing my story on stage in front of a 1000+ High School students
  • Starting my first blog in 2009
  • Publishing a book
  • Trying to re-build the relationship with my mother
  • The first time I joined a self-help group for my anxiety
  • The first time I stood up to my bullies/naysayers

…and the list goes on. But I would’ve never been able to gain the courage to do any of those things had I not put this mindset into practice and by practice I mean, try new things on a small scale first.

  • Sign up for  a new class
  • Go to the movies alone
  • Have coffee with an old friend
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Strike up a conversation with someone in line behind you

Start small. Think big. It’s a very simple concept that actually works and oddly enough this self-discovery journey is quite fun too. It all begins with you. In order to trust your heart, your gut, those butterflies in your tummy, it’s important to get to know yourself first because then you will better gage whether it is a green light or a red flag. Just like any other relationship, it takes time to develop.

Now when my body tells me something, I have a bit more optimism because I know on the surface what I’m about to do or say may appear frightening, but once I push past the initial fear the opportunity hiding around the corner could possibly be life changing. You’ll never feel 100% ready. Ever. But I encourage you to do it for the love of the possibilities because if there was ever a moment to follow your passion, that moment is now.

Peace & Love,