:: I’ve decided to join a self-help group for my anxiety::

I’m telling you because I want you to hold me accountable. Although I recovered from a 6-year relationship with depression in 2012, unfortunately my anxiety still lingers. I’ve been in denial about this issue for a long time because I was afraid to deal with it all over again. I went through so much of a struggle in my teens and early twenties that I hate to think I haven’t ended the cycle. But the evidence is crystal clear. I still suffer from anxiety. I have tried to manage on my own for quite a while; implementing lifestyle changes and avoiding stressful situations. But it wasn’t until recently when my dad brought the seriousness of this situation to my attention. His advice was simple, “You’ve come too far from where you started from. You need to take your action plan a step further.”

I thought, “Yeah.” You know what, “You’re right.”

In every other area of my life, I feel as if I have it all together, but this problem just like any other is one I need to tackle head on because it’s causing disturbance in my life; the dream life I have worked so hard to create. So I turned to Google and oddly enough I found a great self-help anxiety group right here in my neighborhood who meets once a week. My first session is this week Tuesday. I have no idea what to expect or what is expected of me but I am open and ready.

:: Sometimes drastic steps like this are necessary :: 

Especially if you want results. You need to be re-evaluating your life constantly and making a commitment to work on your weak areas. Look in the mirror and get real with yo’ self. You’ll discover that amazing things happen when you pay closer attention. At the very least you will learn more about who you are. I advise taking a step back from your hectic life to gain some perspective. Maybe your finances are a mess, you have lazy habits, you need anger management, or perhaps you are in an unhealthy relationship –This is your opportunity to learn from your mistakes and grow.

One of the many lessons my experiences with anxiety has taught me is that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. There is a hidden blessing and benefit in every experience and every outcome but we often do not notice because we are worried and or upset. I try to remember that I’m not alone. Everyone has problems. Some people are just better at hiding it than others. But I choose to walk in my truth and take the initiative to become a better version of myself. This self-help group is my opportunity to grow and only great things can arise from it.

There’s no person in the world who is capable of handling every punch that is thrown at them. We simply aren’t made that way, but what we can control is our outlook. Our problem is not the problem. Our reaction is really our problem. Which I know and understand but obvi in the moment it can be difficult to put into practice. It’s something I am constantly working on though.  Anyone can walk way from a problem; that’s super easy. Facing problems and working through them, that’s what makes you strong.

Peace & Love,