Don’t Just Walk Away from the Job You Hate, Girlfriend RUN! and My Real Job vs My Dream Job: How I Handled The Biggest Decision of My Life are two of the most popular blog posts on my website. Often times I use my platform to express what I’m currently going through and at that time, my world was at a crossroads. On one hand, I was living quite comfortably, financially set but at a job that didn’t challenge me or stretch my mind.

I felt stuck.
I felt sad.
I felt trapped.

Until I realized that the only reason I felt that way is because I had given into my fears instead of practicing faith that something else could come through for me. Career transitions are extremely tough. Our parents and older generations believe in staying at one job for a zillion years where as these days companies are lucky if a millennial stays for two. After just over 5 years of working in the financial industry, I knew I needed to make a change immediately.

I mean c’mon, do you know what it’s like to drag your heels into work every day; not feel inspired; walk out teary eyed because you dislike your environment and knew that you’d have to replay the same routine tomorrow… and the next day and the day after that?

That shit blows.

So in July, I made a run for it. I quit my corporate job, with a 6-month financial cushion of course, and set out to find a cool new opportunity. The only problem, what exactly would that be? The first thing I knew I had to do is get very clear on what I wanted which included:

1. A less conservative, yet very creative environment; one where passion and innovation exist.

2. I  wanted to contribute to an organization that valued my dreams and ideas.

3. An environment where millennials are the brains of the operation; young energy is always a good thing.

4. A damn pay raise.

5. An opportunity where I would be challenged to do better, work smarter and think outside-the-box.

That sounds like perfection does it? Then I hit another problem in my plan. As I continued my search, I discovered that these fun and creative opportunities are scarce. I mean I was getting tons of offers in the financial industry, but next to nothing in a creative lane.

After 3 months of looking, I was like, “Okay, girl. No stress. You got this.” After 6 months of looking, I was like, “God, please show me a sign here. I quit my job, just bought a house and now ain’t the time to be playin’ games…. let’s talk it out.” After 9 months of looking for this ‘perfect’ job, I was breaking down. I admit. I called up my friend Chivon John several times and was like, “Girl, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. The risk, was it even worth it? Was I being selfish? *cries into a puddle on the floor.”

It was tough. But after all the things I have been through in the past, I knew that I just couldn’t give up. I had come too far from where I started from. So I replayed Kirk Franklin’s – Lean On Me which is my favorite jam. They both remind me how awesome God is and that circumstances will direct you, correct you and perfect you over time. Sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can go right.

After prayer, affirmations and listening to uplifting music, my mindset shifted back into its original state. I had to remember why I quit my job to begin with and the purpose of this mission. It’s a process. Sometimes when we are being tested we forget that all things work together for good. We have the power of Queens in our blood; the fierceness of warriors in our genes and the wisdom of our grandmothers in our hearts. For a moment I lost my belief system. I forgot that for every setback, God has a major comeback. I forgot to trust in his timing, rely on his promise to me and wait for his answers.

March 1st, 2015 indicated that my job search officially hit the 9 month mark. But after several moments of self-reflection, guess what happened. Yup. I was offered one of my dream jobs on March 16th.

Girl, did you hear me? I said, “I WAS OFFERED ONE OF MY DREAM JOBS.” I landed a position with one of Canada’s largest and most successful fashion retail establishments working as an EA to the Vice President of Ladies Apparel. I sit on the right hand of a serious #girlboss and I love it. My work environment and position in the company meets all of my objectives and more. But I truly believe that this would not have happened had I not let go of my fears so I could grow as a young professional. Whenever I have a request, I make it known. I splash it on my vision board, I pray, I tell friends and tell myself not to compromise. But what I tell people is that it’s not enough to just ask and believe. You have to make space in your life and be ready to receive what you want. In this case, my wavering faith was my biggest roadblock, but once I bounced back, I attracted what I wanted, exactly the way I wanted it.

There’s a quote that I love that I want to leave with you:

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

Which means although things may be seem difficult, they are not impossible. Every thought we have leads to a choice. Today, choose to be courageous and choose the words you speak into your life very wisely.

Peace & Love,