That’s my winning secret to getting through each day. I have a ton on my plate. Not complaining at all btw. But when people ask me how I conquer my goals and get shit done – I keep it very real. This is not a one-woman show. There’s a monster of a team standing behind me working very hard every single day.

On team 

  • Pauleanna Reid – Founder
  • Safia Bartholomew – Communications Strategist/Publicist (Toronto)
  • Sherod Heir – Publicist (NYC)
  • Desiree Chernel – Executive Assistant
  • Bianca Brown – Stylist
  • Damian Armstrong – Videographer
  • Alethea Robinson – Business Advisor
  • Camille Lauren – Design team
  • Chenowa George – Design team
  • Noella Crawford – VP of People & Partnerships
  • Jennifer Joseph – Social Media consultant
  • Talia Leacock – Writer
  • Desiree Thomas – Photographer

On team New Girl on the Block 

  • Pauleanna Reid – Co-Founder
  • Safia Bartholomew – Co-Founder & Communications Strategist/Publicist
  • Desiree Chernel – Executive Assistant
  • Talia Leacock – Content Manager
  • Loreena Gabriel – Public Relations/Social Media intern
  • Shanice Atkins – Public Relations/Social Media intern
  • Jessica Sirro – Blogger
  • Juliesa Adolphus – Creative Consultant

On team Writers Blok (no ‘c’ on purpose) 

  • Pauleanna Reid – Founder/Project Co-ordinator/Writer
  • Safia Bartholomew – Writer
  • Talia Leacock – Writer
  • Tanya Hayles – Writer
  • Kern Carter – Writer
  • Alethea Robinson – Web Design

On team Mogul Talk

  • Pauleanna Reid – Co-Founder
  • Chivon John – Co-Founder

20 freelancers between 4 brands. That makes me smile so big. I love the fact that I am able to work with such amazing, talented individuals always, in all ways. Each person brings a refreshing perspective to the table and inspires the heck out of me too. When bringing someone on, I look for a few key things.

  • You have to have an insane amount of work ethic
  • You have to be innovative and take initiative
  • You have to be able to remain flexible in order to meet crazy deadlines
  • You have to be able to bring something to the table not just eat from it
  • In short, step up or step out

“For true alignment, your team has to know and trust your heart” – Michael Hyatt

The same expectations I have for others are the same standards I hold for myself. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that I’m willing to do anything it takes to help them succeed and grow. When and if they walk away from my organization, I only hope they feel confident enough to pursue all dreams and know that I have their back for life.

I love this video featuring Shonda Rhimes – in which she talks about her “Asshole Background Check”

4 Reasons Adding the Right People to Your Team Will Help Your Business Increase Profits & Decrease Stress

a. Strategic innovative thinking 
The best part about having a solid team is the incredible brainstorming sessions you’ll have. As a result of a sit down with me, Tanya had a mind blowing breakthrough. Together, we move as a unit and get super hype when we experience a win. Like I mentioned prior, it’s important to me that each member of my team bring something to the table, not just eat from it. So in order to keep track of progress and ideas (and to keep some meetings off the calendar – because honestly, most are a waste of time) everyone submits a monthly report that includes how they maximized their role, big challenges, new wins, and we also ask ‘what are you reading’ ‘what new people did you meet’ and ‘what fresh ideas do you have to create momentum’. Major keys here. Everyone is held accountable for their actions.

Writers Blok is fairly new, but a similar game plan will be in place so we are all ahead of the curve.

b. Taking advantage of new or existing opportunities 
Before I had a team, there were so many exciting projects that would come across my table that I had to say no to. It was so annoying and hard to reject but I literally had no capacity like two years ago when I was invited to Nigeria to speak at a conference. I had been praying so hard for my first speech across the world, but couldn’t drop what I already had on the go. NOW, bruh! It’s called rapid expansion and growth. I’m able to take on more because I have more hands which makes me happy. I have some exciting things in the works such as: the launch of my 3rd business, expanding New Girl on the Block in more than a dozen countries as well as launching our book and other products. That’s only the start. It’s important to make space for the new.

c. Low turn-over & High productivity 
We don’t have a revolving door here. Many if not all, have stayed on board for months – some of my crew have been with me for years. When you choose the right people who specialize in a certain area and give them opportunities that challenge them, they become loyal. Plus, it saves the company money in the long run. I don’t hire just to have bodies around. I hire to meet my organizations needs.

d. Dependability
For the first time in a long time, I can take breaks without anxiety. Nope, that’s a lie. Let’s re-phrase that… with “less” anxiety is what I actually meant. 2017 is going to be the year where I finally take a vacation without a laptop, when I see my friends more often and create experiences where I can foster more inspiration. I trust my crew with my whole heart. Time and time again they have always come through for me. Like when my Writers Blok crew has to pull all-nighters (omg the worst, but sometimes necessary) or when Camille has a tight deadline, or how about the times when my videographer is annoyed with me because I always ask a zillion questions and make a ka-zillion edits to the final cut. We stretch ourselves because we know blessings have requirements. Some people settle for average results but for us, we know that excellence is the bare minimum.

So if you are thinking about building a team or even just adding one person for now to help out on a part-time basis, I advise you to close your eyes and do it. Take the leap of faith. Assess the ROI and if you feel it’s worth the risk then follow your gut.

Peace & Love,