Ah, the world of IG is constantly changing. I try my best to keep up, but at my own pace. Currently, I have about 5000-ish followers and that number climbs daily because I am pretty strategic in my game plan. I understand that it is the first impression of my brand – which I don’t take lightly. I have a social media calendar and a variety of posts that keep my audience inspired, educated and entertained. The goal is to engage them in great content that is interesting and doesn’t suck. Here are 10 types of posts that have worked for me (and just might do the same for you).

1. I tell stories about my past and admit I’m not perfect.

When I was 21, suicidal thoughts came back and depression loomed like a shadow in the night, stealing away my happiness, replacing it with anxiety and despair. Some days I couldn’t find the strength to come up for air. As if I was drowning in oceans, I could barely hold my head above, let alone tread water in. I felt empty. Didn’t feel worthy. My world was filled with people, yet I still felt alone. My only company was the reflections of my past, I held them nightly. Often waking up in a cold sweat – with only my anxiety laying on the pillow beside me. Leaving me feeling stuck in the grey, somewhere between success and failure. Somewhere between good and great. At 21, I finally gained the courage to make the great escape – at the subway stop leaning over the edge of the forbidden yellow line. That morning I kissed my parents, my brother and sister goodbye. When they asked me if I was ok, like many times before, I told them “I am fine.” Side note: When I tell you I’m fine, I really mean I’m not. For years, I was drowning in depression, but no one ever cared to ask why. Instead, I was judged for being different and different is not accepted. And as the train approaches, I close my eyes and hold my breath. People scream. Lights flash. But amongst the chaos, God revealed himself to me for the first time. As if to say that I wasn’t allowed to throw my gift onto the tracks like discarded trash. That I, I was a treasure and I just didn’t know it yet. @desiree_thomas

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2. I talk openly about my current insecurities and my journey to figuring “it” all out.

  I am a size 14. On a good day, a size 12. It took me at least a year to say that comfortably without feeling bad about it. When I hit double-digits a lot of negative experiences came alongside it that damaged my confidence and self-esteem. I used to sit back and take it – with my head down, my crown would fall and I never bothered picking it up. Instead, I’d forget about my queendom and settle. I developed a bad habit of comparing myself to my past and other people. But no matter what you are going through at some point you will see the light if you just open your eyes. Many times we block our blessings. And after feeling so poorly about myself for so long, I realized in order to keep a clear head, I had to change my perspective. And also learn to dress and love my new body. Because as long as I’m healthy and happy who the hell cares. I can’t believe I actually gave up my power and let people get the best of me. So I’ve really tried to put some things in place to show off the best parts of me. Like looking up to beautiful #sizesexy curvy girls like @girlwithcurves, @Hayet.Rida or @GabiFresh, and my latest muses @theashleyGraham and @NadiaAboulhosn and @luxuriousroxy. Some days are harder than others, but at this point, there is no use hating my gifts. I’m going to pick up my crown and confidently rock what I’m working with. Unapologetically and unashamed. @desiree_thomas   A post shared by Pauleanna Reid (@pauleannareid) on

4. I share cool resources and promote what my friends are doing.

My friends are so awesome. Check out this class on #repost via @_ashleymfox I’ve practiced at least 15 different times for tonight’s @empify online stocks class. I’ve prepared all the information on investing that every attendee will get after the class. So it’s safe to say, I can watch Billions. I only watch tv and do things I “want” after pushing myself to do things that will help me grow to become stronger. Celebrate the small wins!! If you’re not registered, the class is $10 for beginners who wasn’t to learn the basics to understanding the stock market. Class is today and tomorrow at 7pm bit.ly/EmpifyStocks. If you aren’t able to make it, still register and you will have access to the replay

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5. I share projects I’m working on.  

6. I take my audience to work with me.

You don’t have to do it alone. There are times when the road to pursuing your dreams can feel very cold, lonely and depressing. But just like my girl @myleik says, “Just because you were dealt a crappy hand DOES NOT mean the deck is stacked AGAINST you.” Listen, I get it. Life is hard. My parents did not believe in me, my so called “friends” criticized me often, I also failed many of my High School classes and I dropped out of college. When I started my first business 6 years ago, I didn’t know a damn thing about anything. I couldn’t even tell you the definition of a brand or how to effectively manage a team, yet here I am today. 29-years-old, doing whatever the hell I wanna do with my life and on my own terms. I own and operate four brands, and manage a team of 22 freelancers. We move like ninjas; swift and silent. This is a behind the scenes photo of one of our strategy meetings. Sitting around the table are some of the most brilliant minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with. For 6 hours we filled the room with games changing ideas, we talked profits/losses, we argued, participated in passionate debates and shared love and big laughs. This is my real-life, not just an insta-moment. I really want to encourage you to pick your head up, rise again and try again no matter how badly it hurts. People are always willing to help you achieve your vision, but it’s up to you to raise your hand high and ASK. [Side note] Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday for me. Some of you even took planes and trains. I’m truly blessed to connect with you. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my crew. @desiree_thomas

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7. Behind-the-scenes footage of my involvement in the community.

8. I show love to other brands

9 fly girls who inspire my #girlboss career. TAP FOR DETAILS. Get to know ’em #wcw

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9. Motivational content

10. I cross-promote my social media channels.